The Australasian Association for Digital Humanities Inc (aaDH) was formed in March 2011 to strengthen the digital humanities research community in Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific. This was the outcome of a workshop sponsored by the Australian Academy of the Humanities and held at the Australian National University, which brought together 40 leading researchers, project directors and sector representatives to plan for the establishment of an Australasian professional association.

aaDH is a Constituent Organisation of the international Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations (ADHO) and is aligned with an international network of digital humanities member organisations in Asia, Europe, USA and Canada. We share a common goal of bringing together like-minded researchers and practitioners to apply advanced computing and digital media methods in humanities and social sciences research. Data-driven research is fundamentally changing the way knowledge is produced, with increasing accessibility and evolving means of locating, presenting, sharing and analysing information having a major impact on the processes and products of research across all disciplines. We understand digital humanities as being the application and theorisation of computing to develop greater understanding of complex cultural and social phenomena. This includes employing and designing tools for data analysis, formats and approaches to support new methods of inquiry, and ensuring the preservation of digital records and cultural heritage. The association promotes theoretical as well as applied research.

aaDH is a meeting place, a forum for discussing the latest work in the field, and a network to learn about and be part of future events and activities. The professional association acts to support and extend links between digital humanities researchers, improve professional development opportunities and provide international leverage for local projects and programs. aaDH organises the biennial Digital Humanities Australasia conference and provides a range of other opportunities for fostering understanding of digital technologies in the humanities.

We invite you to join our community by becoming a member of the association. In doing so, you will become part of a large community of digital humanities scholars and practitioners across Australasia, the Pacific and internationally. As well as having the option to receive Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, members of aaDH support a range of initiatives including hosting of conferences and events, financial support for student and early career bursaries, publications in the digital humanities, training and network building.